Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Enter to Win BINDERS “Artists Organization Stimulus Package” - Over $900 in Prizes for you and your art group.

Not content to wait for Washington to boost the economy, BINDERS takes matters into its own hands with an easy-to-enter Drawing for Artists League Stimulus Packages.

You and your group could win
over $900 in Prizes, including:
$500 credit in art supplies for your group
$100 gift certificate for the winning artist group member
A guest speaker for one of your meetings sponsored by a BINDERS art supply vendor
Four $25 gift cards for giveaways during speaker event
$200 in art supply products for raffle prizes during the speaker event

Three full Stimulus Packages will be awarded. Each organization is eligible to
win one package only.

It’s easy to enter.

Between April 1 and May 31, every time a Member of your Artist Organization spends $50 or more in a single purchase at Binders Atlanta store we’ll award it another Entry for the Stimulus Package Drawing.

You and your members must mention the name of your group to the BINDERS store cashier at checkout in order for each purchase to become an entry in this drawing.

BINDERS suggests that you tell all members of your group about this exciting
drawing. You and your members can visit Binders and enter as often as desired from April 1 through May 31, 2009. The more qualifying purchases you make, the better chances your organization has to win!

You and your fellow members will be helping yourselves too, because the
three members whose winning purchase-entries are drawn will receive a personal $100 Gift Certificate. And, as always, everyone gets all the savings and service that BINDERS is famous for.

Each organization has the option to involve their membership in the manner they
choose. For example, you can announce this Drawing to all your fellow- members to make them aware of how winning a BINDERS Stimulus Package will benefit your organization. It’s up to you.

The Drawing for the three winners will be at BINDERS on May 31, 2009. $100 Gift Certificates will go to the three individuals whose Entries are drawn, and full Artist League Stimulus Packages will be awarded to an officer of each of the three winning organizations.

Visit our website at www.bindersart.com!

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