Tuesday, April 28, 2009

“Cash Back” for Art Groups and Art Schools. Plus Extra Discounts on Every Purchase.

Did you know that for every dollar you and members of your art group or art school spend at BINDERS, we rebate 5% of your purchase in cash back to your school or group? It’s true.
In fact, thanks to this popular Gifting
Program, BINDERS has given more than $10,000 over the past year to various art schools and artist leagues across the Atlanta area.

You see, BINDERS Art Supplies and Frames is community focused. We’re dedicated to education and participation in all types of visual arts. As such, our mission is to give back to help create and contribute to our vibrant art community.

But wait, BINDERS sweetens this deal even more. If you are
affiliated with any organization that participates in our Gifting Program you automatically qualify for Preferred Customer Pricing. It means extra discounts on your every purchase at BINDERS.

When you check out, simply let our cashiers know which school or art group you are affiliated with so that we can track your purchases towards the rebate amount.

It’s a win-win-win situation for everyone: Your art group or school receives BINDERS “cash-back” benefit! You earn extra discounts as a Preferred Customer! And you help Binders do more to serve you and other artists in our community!

If you and your organization aren’t cashing in through
BINDERS generous “cash back” program, we invites you to join us now.

Sign up your group or school in Binders Gifting Program and j
oin BINDERS email list! *Please note: Schools and art leagues receive BINDERS preferred pricing. No additional discounts apply. Visit our website at www.bindersart.com!

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