Thursday, May 7, 2009

The 9th Most Expensive Painting in the World

Last week we began listing the Top 10 Most Expensive Paintings in the World with a Vincent van Gogh self-portrait. Vincent appears again this week in the Number 9 spot -- are we seeing a trend here?

9. “Portrait of Joseph Roulin” by Vincent van Gogh, sold in 1989 for
$58 million. Inflation-adjusted price $100.5 million.
This superb portrait was acquired by The Museum of Modern Art from a Swiss collector for cash and other works in 1989. Painted a century earlier, in 1889, the oil painting on canvas measures 25” x 21“ (65 x 54 cm).

Joseph-Ettiene Roulin was a postal worker in Arles, France, where Van Gogh
lived in the famed Yellow House from 1888 to 1889. Van Gogh did many portraits of Roulin, regarding him as both a man of the people and a sage. Roulin’s support was vital to van Gogh as the artist struggled for mental equilibrium during his final years.

The strength of this portrait, its centered stability and immense energy,
embodies the deep admiration van Gogh must have felt for his friend.

Next week, we’ll hit on the 8th most expensive painting in the world.

Previous Top 10 Listing:
10. “Portrait de l’Artiste sans Barbe” by Vincent van Gogh, sold in 1998 for $71.5
million. Inflation-adjusted price $94.6 million. Read more

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