Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Get Real! Realistic Portrait Painting with Marvin Mattelson

Marvin Mattelson, the par-excellence, award-winning classical oil portrait artist, will lead a Realistic Portrait Painting Workshop at BINDERS, July 6 -18, Monday through Saturday, 10am-5pm, for two consecutive weeks. The complete 12-day workshop also includes five evening lectures by Marvin.

The workshop fee of $1800 includes all lectures (schedule below) or $900 to audit all workshop sessions and lectures without painting in class.

Workshop registration is limited so sign up now to paint or to audit.

If you want to truly elevate the realism of your portrait painting skills, this is your opportunity. Marvin will devote approximately half of the Workshop sessions to demonstrating exactly what it takes to paint life-like portraits and how to incorporate these methods into your own personal approach and style.

Special Lecture Series by Marvin Mattelson
All lecture are included in the workshop fees. Lecture times are 6-8:30pm, and are open to the public at the cost of $50 per lecture.
  • Monday, July 6: "Everything I know about Painting I learned at the Met" -- An Introductory Slide Lecture outlining the historical precedents for the ideas set forth in Marvin’s Workshop.
  • Tuesday, July 7: Color Theory
  • Wednesday, July 8: Color Mixing & Palette Set-up
  • Monday, July 13: Modeling Factors: Turning the Form
  • Wednesday, July 15: Marketing and Promotion
For more information about Marvin Mattelson, and to view some of his commissioned portraits, visit his website.

Visit the BINDERS website at!

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