Friday, September 25, 2009

“Art From The Heart“ - Portraits of Georgia’s Fallen Heroes - wins Emmy for GPB

Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) won an Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Program Excellence with its State of the Arts report on “Art From the Heart,” a segment about artists who donate portrait paintings of Georgia‘s Fallen Heroes.

Aired in January 2008, the report follows Lisa Gleim, Leah Hopkins Henry and Geri Zaki, three founders and artists of the Atlanta Fine Arts League, and the families of the U.S. service members whose portraits they painted from available photographs.

Over 150 U.S. service members from Georgia have died in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the number keeps climbing. GPB’s report tells how the Atlanta Fine Arts League was formed by dozens of volunteer artists in an effort to help in the best way they knew how – through their art.

“Honoring the service members who gave their lives is central to our mission,“ said an AFAL artist. “Equally important, we also hope to express our humble gratitude to their families who are also casualties of war.”

Congrats to the GPB crew that produced this Emmy Award-winning show. Also, our praise to the skilled artists who painted the portraits of the Georgia’s fallen heroes.

Especially, a heartfelt Thank You to the each and every U.S. service member who died in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, and to the families whose loved ones gave the ultimate sacrifice to our great nation.

View the TV segment and the Atlanta Fine Arts League Gallery of Heroes

To Receive a Portrait of a Fallen Georgia Service Member

Email the AFAL if you or someone you know has lost a loved one in Afghanistan or Iraq and would like to be a recipient of a portrait. In the subject line please type in FAMILY and in the email please include your phone number and your relationship to the service member.

Visit the BINDERS website at!

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