Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Remarkable Sand Artist from Ukraine

Kseniya Simonove, 24, is a “sand artist” with an amazing and mesmerizing talent. As the 2009 winner of the TV show “Ukraine’s Got Talent,” she was awarded a prize of 1,000,000 Ukrainian hryvnia (approximately US $125,000).

The video shows Kseniya drawing a series of “sand” pictures on a giant illuminated table, along with dramatic music and sound effects, to imaginatively interpret Germany's invasion and occupation of Ukraine during WWII. Projected onto a large screen behind her, the images she draws and animates moved many in the audience to tears.

Kseniya says she started drawing with sand at the beach after her business collapsed due to the early 21st century credit crunch. Less than a year later, her life changed when she blew audiences away with her unprecedented sand animation performance, watched by over 13 million people.

The exposure she’s received after winning the “Ukraine’s Got Talent” prize has helped the young artist, born in 1985, build a new career out of her art.

Please take time out to see this fascinating piece of art.

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