Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jacquard iDye Poly Review by Eli Pelizza

Dying polyester and nylon is not usually accessible to the average home dyer, until now! Jacquard has come out with a great line of very user friendly dyes for synthetic fabrics, iDye Poly.

iDye Poly makes dying nylon and polyester easy. The color selection is great and it is affordable. The soluble dye packet dissolves in water and virtually eliminates the messy powder yuk common with other home dye options.

There are two methods of using the dye, stove top and washing machine. I used it in my front load washing machine and achieved the result that I was looking for. This dye is great to use for Shibori* or just changing the color of your favorite skirt or shirt.

  1. Make sure that the packet is fully dissolved!!! This can cause blotching if it is not fully incorporated.
  2. Pre-wetting your fabric will help prepare the fibers to better accept the dye as well as help it dye a little more evenly.
  3. Make sure to agitate the item you are dyeing consistently to ensure more even coloring.
  4. This product works very well with the Shibori* processes.

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  1. I think this would be really helpful for bookmaking when we add elastic to books as enclosures and pen holders. We've been buying white elastic from the fabric store and then buying a permanent sharpie marker and coloring the band little by little. But I think using this process would work really well - especially when working in larger quantities.