Monday, March 9, 2009

My Teaching Method and Philosophy by Charles Y. Walls

I teach because artists who want to paint in a representative manner need to understand the visual language. My approach to teaching is based on knowledge passed down from artist to artist and I teach from that background of good instruction I received in New York.

Art is not magic and great art does not just happen. My oil painting class is not for the art student who wants social time or fun time. My class is designed for the student who is tired of going to class and not learning anything, or learning very little. Art can be taught.

After years of frustration after completing my art degree, I went to New York to study and found the training I needed. And so I understand the artistic hunger for good instruction and I don’t waste time in my class with unnecessary gimmicks or tricks. I teach the fundamentals that all artists need and can use regardless of style or subject matter. I do not teach my students to copy what is before them but rather to respond to, to interpret, the subject.

I use the still life and live models to teach my students to see and think in an artistic manner and to develop their aesthetic taste. Observation from life, not photos, is how your eyes, your mind, and your hand can develop artistic honesty.

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