Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The 7th Most Expensive Painting in the World

Once again Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh, for whom color was the chief symbol of expression, appears on the list of the World’s Top Ten Most Expensive Paintings. Van Gogh’s works have already appeared three times since our countdown started four weeks ago.

7. “ Irises” by Vincent van Gogh, sold in 1967 for $53.9 million. Inflation-adjusted price $102.3 million.

An oil painting on canvas, van Gogh‘s “Irises” measures 28” x 37” (71 x 93 cm).

In the last year before his death in 1890 Vincent van Gogh chose to enter an
asylum in Saint-Rémy, France. Within a week he began Irises, working from nature in the asylum's garden. Each one of Van Gogh's painting of irises is unique. He carefully studied their movements and shapes to create a variety of curved silhouettes bounded by wavy, twisting, and curling lines.

The painting was auctioned at Sotheby’s New York by the son of Joan
Whitney Payson, an American heiress. The buyer was Alan Bond, a high- flying Australian businessman. but he did not have enough money to pay for it and it had to be re-sold.

“Irises” is currently on view at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles.

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